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Undertake a Higher Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Upskill and take a bold step in the direction of career progression or transition with the help of CICE. We are one of Hong Kong’s oldest community higher education institutions and pride ourselves in offering students the chance to achieve excellence in the fields of accounting, finance, and business management with our higher diploma.

What else will an accountant deal with other than numbers?

Accounting is the language of business. An understanding of accounting is vital for managers to understand the financial health of businesses, identify various challenges within those structures and come up with effective solutions. Professional options for accounting graduates include not only a career as an accountant, but also banking, finance and business management. To prepare students for these career options, this higher diploma programme provides students with:

  • Ample articulation pathways to top-up degrees in accounting, finance, and business management; over 75% of students in previous academic year have been admitted by the universities.
  • Maximum exemptions from accounting professional bodies; HKIAAT public AAT examinations and professional assessment are NOT required.
  • Training in accounting software for professional use (e.g., MYOB) strengthens students’ competitiveness in the workplace.
  • Experienced teaching team attends to individual students’ needs in Caritas’s spirit of love and care.

For more information on undertaking the higher diploma in accounting and finance with CICE, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling the office on 35 688 688. CICE are dedicated to providing motivated individuals with access to a dynamic range of educational opportunities designed to help them advance in their careers or make the transition into a new and exciting profession. With a proven track record for excellence and a high employment rate amongst our alumni, you can make no better decision for your future than to enrol in a CICE course.