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Undertake the Higher Diploma in Healthcare, Physical Fitness and Nutrition

Be at the forefront of the modern health industry with qualifications from CICE. Contemporary healthcare is no longer confined to treatment of diseases and patient care, and has been extended to areas concerning the health and well-being of individuals. As the focus shifts towards preventative rather than curative healthcare, many professions have arisen which are designed to help improve quality of life through making lifestyle changes such as exercise and nutrition. Such a change has greatly widened the scope of healthcare services and career choices. Today there are a multiplicity of health sector career choices out there for driven individuals who want to make a difference. CICE has adapted its courses to suit this trend and it’s higher diploma programs in health care, nutrition, and physical fitness are designed to equip students with the skills necessary to enter and succeed in the health care industry. Our higher diplomas provide students with a dynamic range of skills including:
  • Broad-based training in health-related professional knowledge that opens wider options for work and further study.
  • Skill practice in simulation wards that enhances students job competencies
  • • Ample articulation paths in healthcare, nutrition, sports science, physical fitness, public health, pharmacy, psychology, etc
  • Support from sister Caritas service agencies and Asian Academy for Sports &Fitness Professionals for visit, placement and job opportunities

For more information on the dynamic range of courses available at CICE, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office by calling 35 688 688. For over 50 years, CICE has been an established community education institution in Hong Kong helping many students advance in their careers and reach their professional and personal goals. We are highly regarded by employers and our alumni enjoy a high employment rate after graduation.

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