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Succeed with a Higher Diploma in Public Administration and Management

Achieve your personal and professional goals by enrolling at CICE. Our higher diploma in public administration and management is a versatile qualification which can open up a range of opportunities in the civil service for the right candidates.

Why can studying this Higher Diploma sharpen the competitive edge of those who wish to join the disciplinary forces or civil service?

The right candidates for those posts should possess adequate knowledge, integrity, leadership skills and physical fitness. Those new recruits who have a post-secondary qualification in the new police force are also eligible for a much faster promotion track through the Potential Officer scheme than those with secondary education only. This higher diploma program is designed to upskill students by helping them become proficient in the following areas:
  • With guidance from large team of advisors, the programme provides all-rounded theoretical and practical training in disciplinary forces and civil service.
  • • The program systemically explains this justice system, law enforcement, psychology, management and public policy, with special emphasis on the police force as well as the custom and excise department.
  • The programme provides training in fitness, first-aid and leadership skills to strengthen students’ job competitiveness.

Our institution fosters career progression and a passion for learning

CICE is one of Hong Kong’s oldest community education institutions which has provided the city with a broad array of educational opportunities for over 50 years. We strive to provide our students with the chance to progress professionally or transition into a new career path with intensive hands on courses. We have a proven track record of excellence and many of our alumni have gone on to succeed and become distinguished in the civil service after graduation.

For more information about undertaking the higher diploma in management and public administration at CICE, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office by calling 35 688 688.