About CICE

Introduction to CICE

As one of the pioneers in promoting lifelong learning, Caritas Hong Kong has been providing community and higher education service since 1963. Today, it has developed as one of the largest educational providers, with a school network in across Hong Kong districts serving about 30,000 enrolments annually. From 1 January 2014 onwards, all community education schools were put under one name “Caritas Institute of Community Education (CICE)” for the public’s easy identification.

Caritas Institute of Community Education, as a self-financing academic institute, is one of the major collaborative partners of government bureaus and statutory bodies. Currently, CICE offers a range of full-time Higher Diplomas as well as other diverse learning programmes. These programmes are grounded on the community needs and emphasize students’ career prospects and knowledge-based skill applications, so as to prepare students well for further study and future career.