Terms and Conditions
1. Acceptance on this service terms
www.cice.edu.hk (hereinafter as 'The Web Site') is solely owned by Caritas Institute of Community Education (hereinafter as 'The Centre'). Both the Web Site and the Centre shall hereinafter collectively be known as "the Web Site". It provides services wholly based on its announced terms of services and operation instructions ("the terms of services"). Under this terms of services, users are defined as individuals who wholly accept the terms of services and complete the registration procedures, as well as who utilize the web site services without registration.

2. Changes & Amendments on the terms of services
The Web Site will change any of its terms of services whenever necessary. Besides, when any changes occur, the content of terms being changed would be announced on the web pages. When user makes use of some special services of the web site, he or she must accept the regulations and instructions related to the services. In addition, such regulations and instructions are treated as parts of the terms of services. If user refuses any changes in the terms of services, he or she can revoke the services obtained. If user continue to utilize the services, he or she will be regarded as being in consent of the changes of terms of services.

3. Instructions of Services
3.1 The operating system of the Web Site provides users the online resources through the Internet. They include all types of information, online product inquiry and ordering services, etc (hereinafter as 'The Services'). Unless otherwise stipulated, any improvement or enhancement to existing services, including new products will be unconditionally adapted to the captioned terms of services.
3.2 In no event should the Web Site be responsible for the Services. In other words, users take their own responsibilities on using the Services. The Web Site shall not guarantee (a) users' satisfactory of all their requirements in using the Services, (b) no interruption of services, and (c) the Services to be timely, secure and accurate.
3.3 In order to utilize the Services, user must:
(i) Acquire all necessary equipment like computers, modems or other communication devices to connect to the Internet;
(ii) Pay for the Internet connection fees.
3.4 In order to accept the Services, user must agree:
(i) To provide complete, true, accurate and most recent personal information;
(ii) To update the registration data unceasingly so as to conform the requirement of foregoing item 3.4(i).
If the user provides any wrong, untrue, untimely or incomplete information, or the Web Site reasonably suspects any information to be wrong, untrue, untimely or incomplete, the Web Site may suspend or terminate the user accounts and refuse the user to utilize all or parts of any existing or future services.

4. User must obey the following laws and regulations:
User agrees to obey 《中華人民共和國保守國家秘密法》、《中華人民共和國電腦資訊系統安全保護條例》、《電腦軟體保護條例》and all the Laws & Regulations related to Computer & Internet implemented in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. In any event that the Web Site reasonably believes that any activity of user violating the foregoing laws and regulations, at any time, the Web Site may terminate any services provided to the user without prior notice. User should understand the characteristics of internet, i.e. being no national boundaries. In addition, user should strictly obey all relevant laws and regulations of the nations and regions concerned.

5. Users' Privacy Arrangement
In an attempt to register at the Web Site, user must provide his or her personal information. The Web Site collects the information solely for the purpose of providing users the best-personalized web services. Without prior consent from registered users, in no event should the Web Site make public, edit or divulge the collected personal information, and the Web Site will store all the personal information in the non-public areas of the web site except under the following conditions:
5.1 When stipulated by the laws or the legitimate terms of services of the Web Site;
5.2 Under emergency conditions to defend the user's or public benefits;
5.3 To defend the Trade Mark rights of the Web Site;
5.4 Under condition that it is necessary to make public, edit or divulge the collected personal information.
The Web Site has rights to use the personal information collected under, but not limited to, the following conditions:
(i) When on sales or gift drawing, the Web Site may share the personal information of users with the sponsors. In this case, the Web Site will prompt user in prior, and user can stop the delivery of information by indicating that he or she refuses to join the events.
(ii) The Web Site can match or verify the collected information with some third parties.
(iii) In an attempt to illustrate the services provided by the Web Site, it will disclose the summarized statistics on the information collected to future partners, advertising agents and other third parties as well as for other legal purposes.
(iv) The user's information acquired during his or her purchases will be used for the purpose of compiling statistics and improving the service quality of the Web Site.

6. Security concerns on User Name & Password
As soon as user completes the registration process on the Web Site, he or she will become one of our authorized users and will be given a user ID and a password. He or she is obliged to ensure the security of the user ID and password. Besides, he or she is wholly responsible for all activities taken places with the user ID and password. Consequently, the Web Site cannot and will not take any responsibilities on any resulting loss and damages. Whenever user recognizes any unauthorized uses or other security concerns happened with the user ID and password, he or she should inform the Web Site immediately. Moreover, user should log out at once after finished using the Web Site services. Otherwise, the Web Site may not securely protect the user.

7. Storage & Restrictions on User Information & messages
The Web Site shall not be responsible for any failures in deleting or storage of any information or messages announced by users. The Web Site has the rights to ascertain any activities of users or monitor the use of the Web Site by the user. The Web site may stop any or all services provided to the user who is found violating the terms of services.

8. Users are strictly prohibited:
8.1 To falsely claim to be any individuals or organizations, or with any untrue ways to make a false statement to or to mislead the Web Site to be some other individuals or organizations;
8.2 To interfere or damage the Services or the servers and networks connected with the Services, or to violate the rules or regulations of the Web Site;
8.3 To violate any relevant laws, rules, regulations, terms and other standards that possess legal efficacy. In the following events, the Web Site has the rights to store or disclose the content :
(i) Being ordered by laws;
(ii) Being stipulated by the terms of services;
(iii) Authorized stands raised by other encroached third parties
(iv) To protect the rights, properties, and security of the Web Site, its users and the publics
(v) Other conditions that the Web Site considers to be necessary

9. In no event should user duplicate, sell the Services or use them in any commercial purposes.

10. Other Internet Links
The Services may provide links to other Internet web sites or resources. By no means should the Web Site be responsible for the foregoing web sites or resources to be usable. In addition, in no event should the Web Site be responsible for any loss or damages resulting from making use of or relying on the foregoing web sites or resources.

11. The Rights of the Web Site
11.1 The Web Site has all rights on the Services and the software used in the Services including the information protected by the Copyrights and other laws.
11.2 The messages and contents delivered by the Web Site are protected by the relevant laws of intellectual properties, i.e. Copyrights, Trade Marks, Patents and other laws. User shall not edit, rent out, distribute or derive products from them without prior written consent from the Web Site.
11.3 User does not possess sole license or right to utilize the software implemented with the Services. In addition, user shall not duplicate, edit, sell or derive products from the foregoing software and shall not permit other third parties to duplicate, edit, sell or derive products from them.
11.4 The designs, products, service names designed by the Centre are the trade marks of the Centre. User shall not utilize, duplicate them or make use of them for other purposes.
11.5 All brand names, trade marks, copyrights, and other rights are possessed by the registered companies or parties. User shall not utilize, duplicate them or make use of them for other purposes.

12. Statements of Liabilities
12.1 The Web Site shall not be liable on truthfulness or trustworthiness of any contents, messages or advertisements included, downloaded, or received from and through the Services. The Web Site shall not be held responsible for any liability arisen from products, messages or information purchased or acquired from the Services or through the advertisements in the Web Site. User takes his or her own risks in using the Services.
12.2 The Web Site has rights but no liability to improve and correct any mistake in any parts of the Services.
12.3 The Web Site does not guarantee (include but not limited to) the followings:
a. The Services must suit users' requirements;
b. The Services must not be interfered, and be timely, secure, reliable and error-free;
c. The products, services or other materials acquired from the Services must satisfy with users' expectation.
12.4 User shall be responsible for all liabilities and risks arising out of using any information downloaded or acquired from the Services. User shall not hold the Web Site liable for any damage and loss of data in his or her computer system resulting from using the Services.
12.5 The Web Site shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect penalty or claims on loss and damages arising out of the following conditions:
a. To use or unable to use the Services;
b. Any products, information or services purchased through or acquired from the Services;
c. Unauthorized uses or amendments on user information;
d. other aspects related to the Services.
12.6 User should determine by his or her own means to use the index of the Web Site to browse through the Internet. The index may lead user to go into some unethical, aggressive or improper sites. The Web Site has no liability to examine the contents of the web sites listed in the index. As a result, in no event should the Web Site be responsible for those sites to be correct, legal and proper.

13. Amendments and Termination of Services
At any time the Web Site has the rights to temporarily or permanently amend or terminate all or parts of Services with or without prior notice. In no event should the Web Site be liable on any influences to users or other third parties caused by the amendments or termination of the Services. The Web site has the rights to terminate any user account, to stop user from utilizing the Services, or to delete and transfer the data stored in or announced on the contents of the Services without any prior notice. In addition, in no event should the Web Site be responsible to the foregoing activities carried out by the users or any third parties.

14. Notice
The Web Site will notify users by means of emails, notice pages, or mails. The changes of the terms of services or other aspects will be delivered to users by the foregoing means.

15. The terms of services governs how user utilizes the Services and supersedes any previous agreement signed between user and the Web Site. The terms of services together with other terms of services of the Web Site constitute the complete agreement.

16. Application & Control by Laws
User and the Web Site agree that this terms of services is governed by the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. If any disputes arise, both user and the Web Site agree that the case shall be submitted to the courts of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. If any part of the terms of services become null and void, the rest parts will remain effective.